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Eagle Egg-Laying Lowdown

Nora Wagner, Duke Farms In a wicked lightning storm, it’s really tough being the tallest tree in an area surrounded by flat land. It’s good for Bald eagles, but not so good for video and camera equipment. Even with lightning … Continue reading

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Duke Farms’ Kestrel Banding Program

by Charles Barreca, Manager, Ecological Stewardship The American Kestrel is the United States’ smallest falcon species. It is approximately the size of a pigeon and inhabits open fields and meadows in New Jersey. Kestrels mostly feed on grasshoppers, mice, and … Continue reading

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From Green to Clean: Closed Loop Lake System

Written By: Jon Wagar, Director of Operations. Duke Farms is hard at work trying to change our lakes from green to clean. As anyone who visits the property during the summer sees, our man-made lake system contains excessive amounts of … Continue reading

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