Help! I Can’t Access the Eagle Cam in my Classroom!

by Nora Wagner, Director, Programs and Strategic Planning

Technology is a wonderful tool for educational purposes. Our eagle cam is a great example of the power of technology addressing a variety of research and educational objectives and is an innovative tool for learning about animal behavior.

However, schools have a responsibility to protect our children from content that is… hmmmm… let’s say “not so educational”. Anyone who works in a school, or has children in school knows that network security settings are high, blocking inappropriate content from young minds.

There seems to be a huge surge in schools using Google’s G-Suite for Education (previously known as Google Apps for Education), a cloud-based network which provides Information Services Administrators a whole slew of security tools. Set the security settings high, and this results in 95% of online videos blockedIncluding our eagle cam

Fear not! This post is to help you out.

We collected information and advice for you, which you can share with your network administrators:

  1. First – call your help desk or information technology (IT) staff. They may know exactly what to do and can quickly go into G-Suite settings and work their magic.
  2. If your IT group does not know how to address this, then share these step by step guides with them:
    1. Guide to Adding YouTube Video and Approvers 
    2. Give Unrestricted YouTube Access 
    3. Manage Approved YouTube Videos and Channels
  3. If the above links do not help, ask your IT staff to contact Google G Suite Support directly for technical assistance. They should be able to walk the IT staff through the process of unleashing the power of our Eagle Cam page or other educational YouTube videos. They can call Google at 1-877-355-5787 or email  them.

Hope this helps all of you wonderful teachers out there. Keep up the great work!


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