At the Nest: Our Pair is Back Together!

Nora Wagner, Director, Programs and Strategic Planning

After yesterday’s drama with an intruder female Bald eagle on the nest, it appears that the previous Bald eagle female is still defending her nest and back to mating and nest tending with the male.


The female hovers ahead, waiting for the intruder female to leave the nest.                         Photo courtesy of Jill Brown


The intruder female left, our couple is back together!  Photo courtesy of Brett McClellan.


In other news, the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey had an update today about Duke Farms Alumni “Tiny” D/94:


Image of C/94 and new female 2/5/2017@Cyndi Pratt Didan

Zoom+ C/94 and new female 2/5/2017 @Cyndi Pratt Didan



“We have been following one of DF’s chicks banded in May 2009. He has been nesting in CT and his mate was a banded bird from MA. Cyndi Pratt Didan who reports on the pair, has now seen “Tiny” with a new female with a green band. So it appears the new female is also a Jersey bird. We haven’t yet been able to read the code on her band but hope to in the future, so we’ll know when and where she was banded. So a bit of drama up in CT also, we’ll continue to report on “Tiny” and his new mate.”


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4 Responses to At the Nest: Our Pair is Back Together!

  1. ldsohl9 says:

    So Tiny could be mating with his sister or half sister, worst cause scenario.
    Hope for the best, Jersey has produced some mighty fine birds!

  2. ldsohl9 says:

    I am so happy our couple is together. An experienced mom is worth her weight in FISH!
    We will see more competition , being eagle population is rebounding in our “tiny” state


    So glad to be able to watch the eaglecam again this year. Last year was a very special experience for me.

  4. Barbara Brucker says:

    Getting excited..

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