Breaking News: New Female in the Nest!

Nora Wagner, Director, Programs and Strategic Planning

This morning we heard from a few Duke Farms eagle cam viewers that perhaps there was a new female eagle in the nest.


Our manager of stewardship, Charles Barreca emailed the state biologists to get their thoughts:

“Some of the viewers remarked that the nest has a new female. I zoomed in and she has dark spots in her tail and head, different from the “old” female. Viewers are also saying she is very dominant. I don’t recall this bird being in the nest months ago, is it possible she evicted the old female?”


A dominant female taking over the female position in the nest?! Who needs reality television when nature is so amazingly entertaining?!

The state biologist quickly returned our email. To summarize her response, YES, it appears to be a new female. She possibly won a battle (!) or the previous female got injured or died in some other way. The new female appears to be approximately 5 years old based on tail, head and beak coloring. They have been mating away for the past few days.

It looks like we are at the beginning of a very exciting season!


Beak coloring showing new female, approximately 5 years old. Note the dark spots on the head indicating a younger female is now in the nest.


The birds do it, the bees do it, even Duke Farms Eagles do it! This photo is of Female #2 and the male, not the new female. (screen shot copywrite courtesy of Jill Brown)








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5 Responses to Breaking News: New Female in the Nest!

  1. ldsohl9 says:

    Nature’s way, ensures healthy chicks. I liked our old mom better. Mom wherever you are, God bless and travel safe


    Last year’s journey was so spectacular! I am looking forward to this year’s

  3. Linda Bock says:

    Did I notice a dead bird in the Eagles nest

  4. Judy says:

    I haven’t watched in a couple of days. I remember seeing a live hawk visit the nest, eating the remnants of large bird Dad brought in earlier. Did Dad or Mom kill that hawk? Also, I think Mom returned and chased off the intruding female? Am I right in that? I don’t think the female returned? I need to get up to date. Thank you.

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