Farm Market Recipe of the Week: Kimchi

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Kimchi is an old technique from Korea for fermenting seasonal vegetables. It is commonly done for preservation, usually with a base of Napa cabbage, ginger, and hot peppers with salt and sugar. This recipe is not actually fermented, but will still maintain some probiotic qualities by using raw apple cider vinegar. This recipe will not have the fishy yeast smell that turns some noses away either. Much to the contrast, it has very fresh flavor – from the bite of the ginger to the tingle of the hot pepper. The cabbage will still be slightly crunchy and the herbs will brighten the flavor. The fresh ginger, cabbage, and hot pepper were proudly sourced from Harvest Moon Organic Farm.

 2 heads Napa cabbage, rough chop

2 ea. hot peppers, minced

1 thumb fresh ginger, minced

2 carrots, shredded

1 bu. scallion

1 bu. cilantro

2 oz. apple cider vinegar (raw)

2 oz. rice vinegar

4 oz. sweet chili sauce

1 TB fish sauce

kosher salt

cane sugar

 Season cabbage with salt and let sit for a 1/2 hour. Pour off extra liquid. Add remaining vegetables. Chop herbs and add to vegetables. Add sauces and mix. Season to taste with salt and sugar. Will maintain freshness in the refrigerator for 1 week.

REMINDER! This THURSDAY, OCTOBER 27 will be the last day our seasonal farm market is running.

Thank you so very much for your support in 2016.

See you soon.

Recipe by: Chef Josh Falzone

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