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First Frost & Farewell to the Monarchs!

This week we saw our first hard frost in New Jersey and with that an official “Goodbye” & “Adios” to our beloved Danaus plexippus, aka Monarch Butterfly. These animals go through an amazing metamorphosis and take part in one of … Continue reading

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Farm Market Recipe of the Week: Kimchi

Kimchi is an old technique from Korea for fermenting seasonal vegetables. It is commonly done for preservation, usually with a base of Napa cabbage, ginger, and hot peppers with salt and sugar. This recipe is not actually fermented, but will … Continue reading

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Recipe of the Week – Plus Bonus Recipe!

This week are featuring both mustard greens from Harvest Moon Organic Farm as well as handpicked apples from Alstede Farms. My goal is that you enjoy the mustard greens as much as the apple crisp!  As the weather cools, the … Continue reading

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