Recipe of the Week: Winter Squash Ice Cream

Recipe by: Chef Josh Falzone


Autumn is here and I have to tell you,  I am excited! I love how the crisp morning air contrasts the warmth of my morning coffee. However, every year the real beauty of this season that inspires me is how the cool mornings give way to hot afternoons. It is how we have both summer and cool weather crops. I wanted my recipe this week to celebrate the beauty of both seasons. With that said, I am presenting an ice-cream recipe using acorn squash from Dogwood Farms and Pecan Butter from bon Sweet Treats. Personally, I like to finish mine with some candied pecans for a little crunch on top.

Winter Squash Ice Cream With Pecan Swirl: 

4 acorn squash

4 oz Butter, melted

16 egg yolks

1 lb light brown sugar

2 quarts heavy cream

2 quarts milk

1 TB vanilla extract

4 tsp salt

1 TB ground cinnamon

2 tsp ground all spice

Cut squash in half and remove seeds. Brush cavity with butter and roast squash at 350F for about 1 hour or until tender. Remove flesh from shell and place in blender with melted butter. Blend until smooth, take some milk from ice cream base if needed to thin squash puree. Cool.

Whisk sugar and yolks to ribbons. Heat cream, milk, vanilla, and hard spices on the stove. Temper milk and eggs and put back on stove and cook until 170 F. Stir in squash mixture. Strain and cool down in ice bath. After spinning ice-cream, swirl in pecan butter and freeze.

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