Farm Market Recipe of the Week: Kohlrabi Salad


This week we are featuring kohlrabi from Harvest Moon Farm. If you belong to a CSA you may have seen kohlrabi and questioned what to do next. They are actually in the same family as cabbage and kale and are more versatile than most people realize. They can be cooked like potatoes, grated like cabbage for coleslaw, or even sliced like radish for salad. Harvest Moon Farm is a certified organic farm that strives to be the go-to place for local and sustainably grown produce. We loved their purple skinned kohlrabi and are happy to share the recipe with you. Come by our farmer’s market this Thursday for a live demonstration from Josh Falzone.

 Kohlrabi Salad


4 heads kohlrabi

1 lemon

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Fresh Herbs

Salt and Pepper

Peel kohlrabi bulb leaving enough of the stem to hold onto while slicing. Shave the kohlrabi bulb on a mandolin slicer into a bowl. Zest lemon and save juice. Season shaved kohlrabi with salt and pepper, lemon zest and juice, and olive oil. Mix well. Add herbs and lightly fold them in. Can be served chilled alone or even mixed with baby kale for a leafier salad.

Recipe by Chef Josh Falzone

For a full list of vendors at Duke Farms Farmers’ Marker visit our website.

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