Bald Eagle Update, Monday, April 11

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 7.32.58 AMThe first eaglet hatched Saturday, March 26. The second hatched Monday, March 28.

The young birds stay in the nest for approximately 10 to 12 weeks, until they are large enough and strong enough to leave (fledge). This is typically toward late June.

The photo above was taken this morning.

Scroll down for other recent posts. Our free on-line Bald Eagle e-book — packed with cool links, videos and info — is here. The chapter on nestlings is here. The chapter includes a link to a video of a fawn bring brought into the Duke Farms nest seven years ago.

Click the Duke Farms logo at right for our home page.

Tomorrow: Meet Charles Barreca, the man behind the Duke Farms Eagle Cam.

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