Photos from a Windy Night

cb night shot2The hatched chicks first night in the nest was a windy one.

Duke Farms’ Charles Barreca took these images — thanks to the new cam’s infra-red feature.

Writes Charles: “Note the female has very ruffled feathers. Apparently around 7-8 p.m. she almost got blown out of the nest by 50 mph winds.  (Thanks, Charles!)

–Jim Wright

Tomorrow: All about nestlings.

CB night 1


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3 Responses to Photos from a Windy Night

  1. Diane Cook says:

    Thanks for the images Charles. Thanks for sharing with us Jim. I thought about these and the others in our area as the wind howled last night. It was pretty fierce for a while. Glad to see they are all OK this morning at DukeFarms.

  2. Savta says:

    it is good to know that something that appears to be quite vulnerable, the eagles’ nest (do we use the term eyrie or aerie?) is really quite sturdy.

  3. Barbara Brucker says:

    Thank you

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