A Close-up View of a Bald Eagle’s Eye

snap_cam1_02_03_2016_20_35_56_01-002 Written By: Jim Wright for Duke Farms and Conserve Wildlife Foundation

Using Duke Farms’ high-definition Eagle Cam, Charles Barreca was able to take this close-up image  (above) of one of the nesting Bald Eagles.

As Charles points out, “in the one close-up of snap_cam1_02_03_2016_20_35_56_01-001the eye, you can actually see the interior including the pecten (the little protruding node thing).”

You can read more about avian vision here.

We have enlarged the image even more to give you an ophthalmologist’s view of a Bald Eagle’s eye ( below).

An informative link about Bald Eagles’ vision, courtesy of the Delaware Valley Raptor Center, is here.

An informative video about how to tell a male eagle from a female by looking at their eyes (and other ways) is here.

(Thanks, Charles! Charles is Duke Farms’ Manager of Ecological Stewardship.)

For more about the cam, see Chapter 3 (Pages 14-17) of the new  free on-line e-book, “Duke Farms’ Bald Eagles,” here.

Jim Wright writes “The Bird Watcher” column for The Record. He is the author of four photography-driven books about natural areas, including the New Jersey Meadowlands and Pennsylvania’s Hawk Mountain.

Eagle questions? E-mail Jim at celeryfarm@gmail.com. Some may be used in future posts.

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