Take Our Bird Egg Challenge

DSCN9976Written By: Jim Wright for Duke Farms and Conserve Wildlife Foundation

How good are you at identifying bird eggs?

Above are an assortment of eggs and a possible birdie (for size comparison purposes).

Three are replicas,  the fourth is real, and the possible birdie, well, I suppose is real as well.

From left, to right, what kind of bird would lay each of the eggs, and which egg is real?

Clue: Two are raptor eggs, and two are not.

Send your answers to celeryfarm@mail.com. Answers will appear next Wednesday.

The winner(s) will be eligible for high praise.

Jim Wright writes “The Bird Watcher” column for The Record. He is the author of four photography-driven books about natural areas, including the New Jersey Meadowlands, and Pennsylvania’s Hawk Mountain.

Eagle questions? E-mail Jim at celeryfarm@gmail.com. Some may be used in future posts.

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One Response to Take Our Bird Egg Challenge

  1. Joyce Haynes says:

    Hi! My guess is bald eagle replica, snow goose replica, real chicken egg, golf birdie, screech owl replica

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