Our Story So Far (in 16 Photographs)

March 29, one hatchling, egg with pipping.

March 29, one hatchling, egg with pipping.

Written By: Jim Wright for Duke Farms and Conserve Wildlife Foundation

Nowadays, as we look at the Eagle Cam’s images of the two huge gawky eaglets basking in the beautiful spring weather, we tend to forget what an incredible journey this eagle family has been so far on this year.

Back in the snowy, Arctic days of winter, folks who watched the Duke Farms Eagle Cam had all sorts of worries — would the eagles have eggs this year, how many eggs would there be, how long could the parents leave the nest without harming the eggs, could any of them survive the record-setting cold temperatures of February?

In short, it has been a heckuva ride.

For many, our admiration for — and attachment to — the Duke Farms eagles has only grown along the way. (Click to enlarge the photos below.)

Jim Wright writes “The Bird Watcher” columnist for The Record and the Herald-News. He is the author of four coffee-table books about wild places, and the deputy marsh warden of the Celery Farm Natural Area in Allendale, N.J.

Got a question or suggestion? E-mail Jim at wrightjamesb@gmail.com

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5 Responses to Our Story So Far (in 16 Photographs)

  1. Anne Woolley says:

    The photo collage brought back happy memories of not too long ago and soon our fun will be over for another season. Thank you!

  2. Tom ackrivo says:

    Thank you so much for the continued coverage. Watching the eaglets grow and thrive has been educational , I share the photos with my friends and they have been egually amazed.

  3. Savta says:

    great time-lapse story, thank you!

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  5. Susan says:

    Let me add my thanks, we are witness to something amazing in these guys, and reflecting on their journey lets us hold it close and experience it again!

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