The Duke Farms Eagle Cam Wants You!


U.S. Postal Service, first day cover, Nov. 10, 1989. The Bald Eagle with shield is a popular postal service motif.

As the Duke Farms Eagle Cam approaches 10 million views, we’d like to hear from you.

How many years have you watched the Eagle Cam?

Roughly how many hours a week?

Why do you watch?

What is your favorite moment?

What town and state (or country if outside the U.S.) are you from?

We’d also love to hear from classrooms, and to have them scan and send us their drawings (with student’s first name, last initial, school, town and state)…

Please e-mail us c/o Jim Wright,

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4 Responses to The Duke Farms Eagle Cam Wants You!

  1. Wright, Fran says:

    How many years have you watched the Eagle Cam?- Just found out about the Eagle Cam,when I was reading My Sunday Asbury Park Press in Feb, this year.

    Roughly how many hours a week?- I’ve watch every day & check periodically throughout the day & totally enjoy this beautiful encounter with nature.

    Why do you watch? I love nature, and this is a firsthand view, with the eagles..

    What is your favorite moment?- The feeding periods, I never knew that eagles loved fish. Today I watch when a fish still alive be dropped into the nest, at mid-morning for a snack…SO CUTE

    Fran Wright
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  2. Maryann Smith says:

    Good afternoon! This is my third season enjoying the Duke Farm Eagles. I check in several times a day for a few minutes. So, maybe I watch for a total of 1 or 2 Hours (?). I watch the cam to learn about and appreciate nature. The social stream is also a good source of information so I read it while watching the Eagles. My favorite moments are when the youngest eaglet stands up to his older sibling(s). I also like watching the dad. He can behave a bit anal. 😳 I live in East Rutherford, NJ. Most of my daylight hours is at my job in Jersey City. I usually watch the cam on my iPhone during down time at work.Thank you for all you do! Maryann

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Diane C says:

    Have been watching since the cam came online. I am an elementary teacher in Ringoes, NJ. The cam is on in my classroom daily and I follow it at home too. I blog about the activity (with screen shots) so my students can catch up on what they might have missed. Love to hear the excitement from the students when they watch the eaglets hatch or see them for the first time. It is interesting to watch nature happening right in front of our eyes! The students ask such good questions and the new blog from DF is providing them the opportunity to research the answers to those questions. This year I’m using the cam and blog more as an active part of my lessons, rather than just casual viewing. Thanks for all you do to foster an appreciate for our natural world!

  4. DF — I’ve been watching since dad eagle attacked & killed the RTH in 2013, Actually had just found the site as this was happening – live – to my amazement, Totally floored me, I watch every day for a few hours. And after the hatch, I keep site on line so I can check what’s happening all day. When i’m able I watch ’til night falls. 5 – 6 hrs a day. – sometimes longer . I’ve learned so much about our National Bird , The American Bald Eagle has always been an inspiring symbol to me and when I discovered this up close & personal informational website, I was immediately a captive audience. My favorite moment – when mom lays the first egg and dad joins her to check it out. I get goose bumps. Nature is wonderful in all it beauty and sometimes sadness, The eagles could teach us all a lesson in parenting. They are adorable. Thanks for providing this educational and loving website. (I’m retired & count this as a hobby – I have all the time I want to enjoy it) I live in the outskirts of Philly (PA) –

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